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An Alternative... Biking Programs For Everyone!

Thanks to the Internet and availability of hard data, it's not difficult to reimage the STR mission exactly as written. Biking non-profits in other states can provide proven ideas. Restoring 62.5% of funds to the STR program would enable ideas such as these.

Build It and They Will Come

In some states, this appears to be the case. Here's one example League of Michigan Bicyclists ( .

  • a Statewide "Ride Calendar" featuring $1.00 rides with promotional benefits and in cooperation with bike clubs, bike shops, business groups, and charities in all areas of the State. (Imagine group rides showing in FL 365 days a year.)
  • a public mini-grant program with an honest and open application process.
  • membership program and true fundraisers... a more traditional non-profit model, attractive to sponsors.

Just a sample. Other states offer additional ideas, but first things first.

It starts with public trust.

  1. Be true to the mission as written because plate buyer/donors are Floridians, not tourists.
  2. Full transparency to meet or exceed all non-profit "best practices" guidelines.
  3. Understand that non-profit programs built on public cooperation instead of direct competition are inherently superior.

The solution is obvious. Imagine the potential for Florida if or when the government-funded luxury tour company is history and funding in effect goes from 37.5% to 100%.

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